Cried when I heard this cover.

It amazes me to see the lengths that two women will go against each other for one stupid man. I’m done.

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I haven’t touched hair in Maya in about a year and a half, so working with it was very refreshing and new to me. Since I’m primarily cloth based, it was a struggle to figure out the basics of hair again, but I finally got something to work.  
Here is the only progress of my film which I will be updating you guys with- I want to show the cloth simulations when they are finished products!
A little run down of my film~ It’s about an Arab girl named Saffiya, who is trying to break through the strict structures of an Islamic society which she is living under, focusing on male dominance and not having the proper freedom to express herself. This is a very personal and touching subject matter to me.
Enjoy this four second video that took six hours to render! 

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i made a stop motion video while in paris

check it out!

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Experimenting with making a car explode… in Maya

For my Advanced VFX class.

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